Mobile-site weirdness

I've been using the bookmarklet on my iPhone with success. Today I tried to do it with a WorldCat entry and was prompted to log in via a pop-up. OK. I log in.

Then instead of the usual pop-up that shows me the progress in adding the entry to Zotero, I get a floating version of the Zotero site home page.

Off to the Forum to look around for similar problems, still on my iPhone. I notice that I'm not logged in, so I click on the link to do that and the site remembers that I really did just log in, and so gives me the main mobile page, where I see my own library, so I do seem to be logged in just fine.

Click again on the Forum option in the central menu of the mobile site, and I go there, but again appear not to be logged in.

Any thoughts?
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