Ordering of entries in bibliography by year


I have a problem with the ordering of several entries by the same author. I've added

<key macro="author"/>
<key variable="year"/>

...but I get:

Semetko, Holli (2003) “Political Bias in the Media,” pp. 517-25 in D. Johnston (ed) Encyclopedia of International Media and Communications 3. Amsterdam: Academic Press.

Semetko, Holli (1996a) “Political Balance on Television - Campaigns in the United States, Britain, and Germany.” Press/Politics 1: 51-71.

Semetko, Holli (1996b) “The Media,” pp. 254-79 in L. LeDuc, R. Niemi, and P. Norris (eds) Comparing Democracies - Elections and Voting in Global Perspective. London: Sage Publications.

Semetko, Holli (2000) “Great Britain: The End of News at Ten and the Changing News Environment,” pp. 343-74 in R. Gunther and A. Mughan (eds) Democracy and the Media. Cambridge: Cambridge University Press.

How can I change that in order to have a correct ordering of the entries (1996a, 1996b, 2000, 2003)?

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