Journal list of abbreviations - classical studies

[Sorry for any eventual missed discussion about abbreviations].

Broadly, the situation in classical studies is as such:
Two main lists of abbreviations exist, the first from l'Année philologique, the second from the Archäologische Bibliographie (list available through Projekt Dyabola). A third list would be the one used by the American journal of Archaeology.
Each journal has its preferences depending if it is more philological / archaeological. Frequently, those preferences are such as “use the Année philologique abbreviations list, in case the journal is not abbreviated there, use the Archäologische Bibliographie list”. In any case, the algorithmic generation of abbreviations cannot be used.

Planning to create those abbreviation lists, I found part of the answers I needed here: to create an abbreviation list, one should modify the abbreviations.json file.

But two questions remain:

1/ How to make such lists available to all (i.e. not limited to a locale list)?
2/ Is there a way for Zotero (or through indications in the CSL file) to select the right abbreviation between three lists (partially overlapping)?
  • 1) We will gladly host such lists at the CSL project (since the abbreviation logic is built into citeproc-js, whatever you contribute wouldn't be limited to Zotero). We already have a repository set up for that purpose:

    2) Right now there are two ways:
    a) you can use Frank's "Abbreviation Filter" add-on.
    where you can import such lists. I'd say this is, as of now, the recommended route. That will also allow you to manager different lists with relative (!) ease.
    b) As indicated in the thread you link to, Zotero will automatically pick up an abbreviations.json file in the data directory.

    If we do get more lists -- and I think some lists for the humanities would be excellent, so thanks for looking at that -- I think we can probably convince Simon (or someone else) to make switching between them easier in Zotero.
  • Thanks for the detailed answer. I will proceed ASAP with those lists.
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