for Zotero WebDAV storage

I'm considering my options for purchasing WebDAV storage. My library is too big for's 2GB. I just came across BingoDisk, a Joyent service, which seems to have good pricing (15Gb for only $29/year). Does anyone have experience with it?
  • Okay, I have tested this using a demo login and it seems to work perfectly fine with Zotero. I think I'm going for it.

    WebDAV URL:
    password: bingo

    Note: if you want to test Bingodisk with the above information, be sure to make a unique subdirectory first, in which you then place the /zotero/ folder (e.g. I don't know what happens if two different users are syncing their files to the same folder, but I guess it may have strange effects.
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    Having bought 15Gb of webspace on BingoDisk, I have now tested their service the hard way, syncing attachments amounting to 2,4Gb (zipped), i.e. uploading them to the server and downloading them in another client. Apart from some Sync Preview-related hiccups, this went just fine.
  • I signed up with BingoDisk a few months ago, but now that they're being taken over by ExpanDrive the WebDAV feature will disappear. Anyone have recommendations for alternatives?
  • I'd also be interested to know about anyone, like syregnask, who's using bingodisk at the moment and is transitioning to a new WebDAV provider. I don't have any info from ExpanDisk about what their system will support so it's possible (likely) that WebDAV will be unavaliable but right now that's just speculation. Unfortunately ExpanDisk have also not released any details of the transition process and the emails from Joyent (who run BingoDisk) point to 30th September as the switch-off date - very frustrating.

    I notice that the BingoDisk website is still inviting people to sign up. In light of the above I would strongly recommend against doing this, at least until things get cleared up. Having said this I've been extremely happy with the functionality of BingoDisk.
  • Just found the blog post from ExpanDisk that confirms that they'll no longer be supporting WebDAV:

    I also spotted that Joyent might possibly be offering a refund. Would have been nice of them to send some of this info in an email rather than an comments to a blog post.

    As far my request for alternatives it's probably best not to duplicate this discussion thread:
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