OpenOficce plugin: An unexpected error occurred...

while performing this operation:
followed by 3 file references (including line 396, 1095 and 1140). I can't seem to copy the lengthy error message itself but can send an image of it if necessary.

I'm using Zotero OpenOffice Integration 2.0a2; Firefox 3.04 and Zotero 1.5-sync3.3.

The error occurs whether or not Firefox is running, and occurs when any Zotero function is called. It appeared unexpectedly in a file with numerous references. Any suggestions would be much appreciated.
  • Can you send a screenshot to Thanks.
  • Done. On a related note, I've noticed that the fields aren't marked in the new version, even though I have field shadings and field names turned on in OpenOffice. I'm using the Word Compatible type references (something I may change), but it would help with troubleshooting if I could see where the Zotero fields are in the text, especially if there are any renegade or hidden insertions. Is there a way to see them that I'm missing? They used to be little gray lines after the in-text references.
  • Bookmarks, which are Word-compatible, are different from Reference Marks, so they don't follow the same display settings. I don't know of any way to shade Bookmarks, but you can right-click on the page number in the bottom right to display a list of bookmarks, and you can also keep the Navigator open to view bookmarks.

    The gray line in previous versions was a fluke of how OpenOffice rendered an "invisible" character we were using.
  • bry
    edited November 21, 2008
    After cutting all the references and replacing them with plain text, I may have figured out the problem - a reference moved into a table. While testing afterwards, I got a "Zotero Fields cannot be inserted here" message in the table. Is it possible inadvertently pasting a reference bookmark into the table earlier caused the error? Or perhaps the problem occurred during a text to table conversion? To make it easier to keep track of what's where, I'm going to switch to using fields rather than bookmarks.
  • I have met the same trouble and some of my colleagues too.
    In 3, I can't insert more than 174 citations. OOo error message gives 3 files references too (but lines number are 379, 476 and 1520). Format used is "Fields".
    Configuration like bry's : Zotero OpenOffice Integration 2.0a2; Firefox 3.04 and Zotero 1.5-sync3.3. I can send a screenshot if needed.

    In Word 2003 (+Zotero-Word integration 1.0b4), same trouble when number of citations is around 270. Error message is "runtime error 91 object variable or With block variable not set".
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