Small UI bug when navigating author fields with keyboard

I often try to use the keyboard when I can. Here's a small thing that doesn't make sense when you do that. This is on Windows, not sure what happens on other platforms.

1. Click the creator field of an item (in two fields view, i.e. Last, First)
2. Start typing a last name, making the autocomplete suggestions come up, e.g., typing [Darwi] brings up [Darwin, Charles],[Darwin, Charles R.], [Darwin, Charles Robert]
3. Arrow down to select (blue highlight) one of the options, e.g., [Darwin, Charles]
4. Now hit Tab to go to the next field

5. You end up in field #2 (First name), with the full name "Darwin, Charles" inserted in field #1 (Last name).

What you wanted of course was for Darwin to end up in #1 and Charles in #2.

The way to avoid this to (4a) hit Enter once you've selected (highlighted) the desired name, and only then hit Tab to advance to the next field or (4b) click on the desired item with the mouse. But I guess it should never happen that the selected suggestion, which is composed of [Last, First], ends up as a whole in the [Last] field.

Proposal: to minimize keystrokes, if in two-fields mode a user has used the arrows to select a creator name from the autocomplete list and then hits Tab, distribute the name over the two fields as expected. Tab would then presumably activate the [First name] field with the first name already in there (just like Enter now activates the [Last name] field in step 4a).
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