Date problem


Current svn, Ubuntu 8.04

When I add an item to Library, the 'Date Added' and 'Date Modified' values are 25 hours into the future,
'Accessed' is 8 hours into the future.

The date and time display on my desktop are correct.

Any suggestions?

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    Paste this into the Firefox address bar:

    javascript:alert(-1 * (new Date().getTimezoneOffset() / 60))
    What's the result, and does this match your GMT offset?


    javascript:alert(new Date().toLocaleString())
  • > What's the result, and does this match your GMT offset?

    it returns 18, I believe I'm -6

    > javascript:alert(new Date().toLocaleString())

    returns the time used by Zotero.

    I have no idea where javascript gets it, my system clock looks to be set correctly.

  • I have not entirely the same issue: all three dates are correct for main items.

    The first Javascript snippet reports 1 and I'm in GMT +1 indeed; the second correctly reports the current time.

    For attachments however the 'Accessed' value is one hour behind!
  • Accessed displays as UTC in the items list, but that's a separate (ticketed) issue. If you're seeing an incorrect Accessed for attachments in the right pane as well, that's different (and something I'm not seeing), but it looks like JS is still reporting the timezone correctly for you, so we can take this back to your other thread and try to figure out what's going on with your sync there.
  • Kent: Well, +18 would be equivalent to -6 the next day, which, if displayed as UTC, would get us to 24 hours in the future. (I'm not sure where the extra hour difference would be coming from.) You might try fiddling with time/date settings on your system (restarting Firefox after each change) to see if you can make some sense of this.
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