Is advanced search broken?

I am using in Firefox 37.0.1, MacOS X 10.10.2. Both plugin and standalone.
In advanced search, selecting "any" will return the full item list.
Selecting "all" conditions will work correctly, but at soon as the pattern is switched to "any", the item list is back to the full collection.
It behaves as if the new conditions were empty (therefore, all items comply with that condition). That is my guess.
  • I forgot a detail: If only 1 condition is entered and "any" is selected, you get the full list of items anyway. Selecting back "all" returns to the ordinary search.
  • I can replicate that.
    A search with match="any" for
    Title -- contains -- test
    returns my entire library, including all attachments.

    (That's on FF37 in linux using the beta r8 release (i.e. before yesterday's commits).
  • I've fixed this in the latest 4.0 Beta.

    (First reported here.)
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