DOWNLOAD PDFs only locally

I have ran out of storage and I am wondering if it is possible to download the PDF files only on my local computer. I do not need all PDF's to be backed up on the server.

Is there a way to do that?
  • You can turn off file sync in the sync tab of the Zotero preferences. That does exactly what you want--files are still saved locally, data is still synced, but files aren't synced to the server.
  • Thank you, but which of the options is it? Sync full-text content?

    Is it possible to then sync the stand alone with the firefox plugin since I add all my references using FF?
  • It's the options under "File Syncing" you should uncheck both of those if you don't want to sync any files.

    By defaut, Standalone and Firefox add-on on the same computer will share a data directory anyway, so you don't rely on syncing for that at all. See here for details:
    But in all likelihood this is already set up correctly for you.
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