MLZ client citation style list error

Im having a problem with a large document, 70,000 words or so, when I add a citation Im getting the error message: "this.registry.registry[myid] is undefined", but when I retry the citation a second time it works.

I use MLZ New Zealand Law style, Firefox 36.0.4 browser and the word plug in is 3.1.19

I copied an pasted my entire document into a fresh word doc and it worked fine for two or three citations then failed. A fresh doc with only half a dozen pages failed after the third attempt with the same citation.

I opened a fresh document and noticed that when I used different citations each time there was no problem, but when I used the same citation more than twice it failed.

Testing different citations and some prompt failure when used consecutively and some dont. In general once I start working every citation fails.

Opened a fresh doc and used Chicago style instead of NZ Law and it worked fine. A new doc using NZ Law failed, so its definitely something about the MLZ plugin. Who would I notify about that?

I can work with this problem, and have been doing so for some time, but its pretty frustrating...
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