Adding journal abbreviations to style

I'm trying to edit the Chicago style to use journal abbreviations instead of the full name. I know from past experience with older styles I need to add form="short" to the title line somewhere, but it looks like the field names are different than when I last did this a few years ago.

I've looked here but it doesn't seem to address my problem.

Forum searches also seem to pull up information about editing old styles (such as ).

And honestly the full CSL language documentation is so dense I don't even know where to begin to find the solution. (I have read , but this case is not one of the examples.)

Can anyone point me to the line in the Chicago Style XML I should be editing? Many thanks!
  • The info in the second link of your post it's still accurate. Note that's container-title not title.
  • Thank you. However, that post was not very detailed regarding which line was the "relevant" line. (I'm looking at chicago-fullnote-bibliography-no-ibid.csl) It was a bit confusing, because there's no text variable="container-title" nested within a macro or if statement related to type="article-journal". (There are some lines with text variable="collection-title" connected to type="article-journal" though.)

    Through trial and error, I think I figrued out which line needed to be changed. I found an if statement, which I believe is stating that for anything *except* a legal-case do xyz:
    <if type="legal_case" match="none">
    <text variable="container-title" text-case="title" font-style="italic"/>

    I added form="short" to this text line, and it seems to work.

  • You've got it correct.
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