Remove tags from selected items

Apologies if this is covered in the documentation or elsewhere in the forum, but I've not turned up anything in my searches.

I created a tag that's still useful to me, but I applied it erroneously to a moderate number of items and I no longer want it on those items. What I'd like to do is remove it from *just* those items, and retain it for the others.

I see that I can remove it from the items one by one e.g. having first selected all the items so tagged using the Tag Selector, then working through them in the right pane, Tags tab, and minus button. But I have quite a few and I'd hoped to be able to do a multiple-select of items in the middle pane and then find a "Remove Tag" or some such in for example the Tag Selector. All I can find is "Delete Tag", but that seems to remove the Tag from *all* the items with that Tag, and (I think) then delete the Tag itself?

  • A quick way to do this would be to right click on the tag and select "Assign Color". Then select all of the items you want to remove the tag from and type the number of the colored tag. You can then remove the color from the tag of desired.
  • (bwiernik: Clever.)
  • Yes, it's a clever trick, but not intuitive one. A right click option (on the items or on the tags) would be great !
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    Oh that's is smart & vicious! +1 for A right click option on selected items, or on the tag itself to remove it from the selection.
  • I would be very much helped with an extension of the right click context menu in the tag pane that says (and does :) something like "Remove tag from selected items" .
  • In the latest Zotero beta, you can remove a tag from one or more items by dragging the items to the tag selector and holding down Shift (Windows/Linux) or Cmd (Mac) while dropping. This will be included in 5.0.86.

    (We apparently implemented a version of this in 2015, forgot to announce it as a new feature in Zotero 5, and then broke it last year…)
  • Awesome, thanks!
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