Ann Reviews Neurosciences -- web page icon

gives a web page snapshot icon rather than an
article link ... don't whether this is a fluke or a more
general issue with Annual Reviews articles ...
  • I get the same snapshot icon for Annual Review of Genetics, no citation icon.
  • There's no translator for Annual Reviews, but you'll get some data with the Embedded RDF translator. You may need to clean up the imported data a bit, however.

    (You can hover over the address bar icon to see which translator is being used. When it says Embedded RDF, that's usually because a translator isn't available and Zotero is falling back to some basic metadata the site provides (which, when it works, can be better than no metadata at all).)
  • Thanks for the clarification. Can I request a translator for
    Annual Reviews :-) ?

    Ben Bolker
  • Sure. Note that you can already use the Download to Citation Manager link in the Quick Links box to save full items (and even references) to Zotero. (Choose RIS and "quick import", the defaults.)
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