Link files, prevent zotero from importing


I just realized that zotero imports my locally linked files to its directory. While this may be useful for later backups, imports/exports, this is very annoying when you have your own folder structure and work on pdfs outside of zotero. Fore example: I am marking passages in a pdf and save it. Later, double clicking on the (initially linked) file in zotero, it opens another version, the one imported to the zotero directory. Although I linked the file zotero imports it after linking with the effect that an obsolete file is linked.

How can I prevent zotero from importing linked files? Actually I dont even get the point of linking files when zotero still imports them.

  • Zotero doesn't touch linked files (unless you manually rename them our you have a third party add-on that manages your linked attachments, e.g. ZotFile). Can you describe exactly the steps you are taking and what you're seeing that makes you think that Zotero moves/copies linked files?
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    I think I just clicked the wrong option. From the attachment drop down menu I opted for "Attach Stored Copy of File...". Now I tried "Attach Link to File" and this is what I am looking for, I guess.

    When you choose the first option above, zotero grabs the file from the original folder and stores it in the zotero folder, creating a link to that file. That was a bit confusing for me as all my remarks I did later in the document were "gone" all of a sudden (when openig the doc later through zotero)
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