Bug: importing JSTOR RIS incorrectly?

When importing the RIS from JSTOR (since the importer is broken), Zotero sticks some value into the Journal Abbreviation field, even though the RIS doesn't have it. Here's an example:

Provider: JSTOR http://www.jstor.org
Database: JSTOR
Content: text/plain

JO - The Classical Journal
TI - Octavian and the Omen of the "Gallina Alba"
VL - 84
IS - 4
PB - The Classical Association of the Middle West and South
SN - 00098353
UR - http://www.jstor.org/stable/3297696
AU - Flory, Marleen B.
DO - 10.2307/3297696
T3 -
Y1 - 1989/04/01
SP - 343
EP - 356
CR - Copyright © 1989 The Classical Association of the Middle West and South
M1 - ArticleType: research-article / Full publication date: Apr. - May, 1989 / Copyright © 1989 The Classical Association of the Middle West and South
ER -

JO is the journal title (even though that doesn't seem to be in the RIS spec). There is no journal abbreviation, but Zotero sticks the JO value in that field. I don't think it should.
  • Since JO isn't is the spec, Zotero imports it into both fields since it's sometimes used as either. We adjust for idiosyncracies like that in specific translators like JSTOR, but I don't think we can do much on generic import. I'd just cave and use Chrome or Firefox ;).
  • I checked a bunch of JSTOR RIS exports and they all had JO as the journal title and no abbreviation at all. I don't suppose the RIS translator cares where the RIS comes from?

    I'll be complaining -again, IIRC, to JSTOR about this. You guys don't have any pull over there, do you? :-D

    (And, sorry, but while those other browsers are on my computer, they are not in my workflow. :-) )
  • I got a note from JSTOR a few weeks ago and they've updated their RIS(!). Looks like T2 is now correctly used for journal title, so Zotero doesn't put in the incorrect journal abbreviation from J0,

    One problem though is that they're including two dates and either is DA, though I did mention that in my repeated efforts to get them to change:

    C1 - Full publication date: Apr. - May, 1989
    PY - 1989

    As is typical, the RIS spec is unhelpful: PY is definitely year, but C1 is either "TERM" (in one sheet of their spreadsheet) or "Custom" (in other sheets of their spreadsheet and in their PDF). In the spreadsheet sheet for "Journal article", it's "Legal note".

    Zotero either uses just PY or doesn't correctly parse the C1.

    Is there any way to improve its handling?

    I think I"m going back to jstor about the DA thing in any case.
  • DA really is the right place for this. We can, again, handle C1 in the JSTOR translator if need be, but C1 doesn't seem like the right field for this in general (it's actually used all over the place depending on the item type, but nothing really that would suggest using the full date for articles).
  • Yeah, that's my thinking. I'll get back to them and plug DA again.

    Am I right that they should just put the date in there, without the leading prose:

    C1 - Full publication date: Apr. - May, 1989

  • Message sent. I'll keep posting updates here.
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