Report ID 1062800558: unretrievable note too long

I am getting the following error message.

The note 'ContentsPROCEDURE...…' in your library is too long to sync to

Shorten the note, or delete it and empty the Zotero trash, and then try syncing again.

I have searched this note name in the search box in Zotero Firefox, and find nothing. I have manually gone through a number of recently changed files, and also find nothing. I have emptied the trash and restarted Firefox, and continue to get the error when I sync.

  • you've searched for this in "all fields and tags" mode? and in all of your group libraries? And you're positive you've emptied the Zotero trash for your library? (each group has a separate trash).
  • I have searched in "all fields and tags" mode, in "everything" mode. I have searched in each library (although I don't use this feature so there is nothing in alternative libraries). I have emptied all trashes.
  • If you're getting that message, the item still exists. It's an embedded note on a child attachment in your personal library. You should be able to paste "HUWAU59G" into the Zotero search box to find it. (The next version of Zotero will provide a button for finding this more easily.)
  • Thanks. Nothing showed up in the Zotero search box, but I was able to get around this by searching in the Zotero file on my PC. Issue resolved. Thanks!
  • Not sure what you mean by that. This was a database issue, not anything related to your filesystem.
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