Date field in meta-data -> change MM-DD-YYYY to DD-MM-YYYY?

The meta-data date-field in my Zotero stand alone is standard MM-DD-YYYY. Meaning that 1-2-1900 will be the first of february. This causes mess-ups since I'm used to DD-MM..

I was able to change to DD-MM-YYYY in the zotero-plugin, but in the standalone version I 'm unable to fix that. Also using the Windows region settings did not help me out.

I expect it must be possible though..
  • see Dan's post here:
    (ignore the rest of that horrible thread) that's all we have on this.
  • Well, the suggestion to ignore did not really work out (I get the picture), but the advice is right on spot. Tnx. I quited using standalone because of this issue, but it seems to work just fine now. Tnx again.
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