[MLZ] Wrong titles at Maney Online

I don't know if this is specific to Multilingual Zotero or not. I'm finding that articles at Maney Publishing are not being handled properly. First, instead of an article icon in the address bar, it's a folder icon. But clicking it just pulls in a regular citation, rather than popping up a list. And the publication details are for the wrong article:

Here's an example (will require an institutional access). When I try to create a Zotero entry from that page, it pulls in the details from another article from a different issue of the same journal (but it picks the right snapshot).

Note that Maney has recently changed its URLs.
  • Not MLZ specific. It's this

    in combination with number 7 here:
    the latter is why you're seeing the folder icon, the former why it's not working the way it should.
    We're hoping to get a fix out for the first issue pretty soon. The 2nd issue isn't actually a bug as explained on that page.
  • well, actually - it might be MLZ specific: the Atypon translator should work on that page and does for me (though without institutional access), so Frank, maybe check there isn't something MLZ specific that's preventing that.
  • It works normally for me in non-logged-in state. I haven't been able to test from within Uni (and I don't see Manly Online among our proxied collections). I will be traveling for the next week, but I'll try to check back along the way, in case there are further developments. Looks like it may be platform- or system-specific, though.
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