Changing quick style font does not change in-text or bibliography fonts

In Word, the bibliography is formatted using the Bibliography quick style, which is based on Normal style with some paragraph formatting modification (or whatever the style calls for). The in-text citations may have some direct formatting applied to them (e.g. superscript, though these probably should be based on a character quick style as well), but otherwise should follow the paragraph style they are inserted into (i.e. typeface, font size, etc.). When positioning the cursor in an in-text citation, Word does show that the in-text citation is formatted using the paragraph style, rather than some other character quick style.

Here's the actual issue:
1. Open a new Word document, which should default to something like Calibri 11pt font for Normal style (in Word 2010 anyway).
2. Write some text and insert an in-text reference (e.g. Cell style)
3. Insert a bibliography.
4. Modify Normal quick style (right-click in quick style menu and choose Modify) to a different fontface and font size (e.g. Times New Roman, 12pt)
5. The paragraph font adjust to the new style, but both the in-text reference and the bibliography remain in the original font.

This is not fixed by switching to another style and back. The bibliography formatting can be fixed by deleting the bibliography and re-inserting it. That's obviously not a reasonable workaround for in-text references.

At this point, I'm not sure if the issue is with Word or with Zotero. I can't find any quick style that would be applying original fontface and font size to in-text references, so I'm leaning towards the conclusion that Zotero is applying direct formatting, which is not altered by changing the quick style and Zotero somehow remembers the font that was used originally, instead of re-adjusting it based on surrounding text. If that's the case, I think we should probably fix it.

This post is meant more as a reminder to take a closer look at this issue, since I can't afford the time right now. Perhaps someone can provide more insight into what exactly is happening.

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  • Found a quick-and-dirty workaround for in-text references. You can perform Search and Replace in Word, searching for the old formatting (in Replace dialog, click More, then under Format select the old fontface and size) and replacing it with the new format.
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    I keep having this same issue in Word 2010 with Zotero SA ( This occurs most commonly for me when copying references from another document with a different style, although randomly.

    I know this is an old post, but hopefully, this issue will be fixed in 5.0 but I can't really test atm. Thanks for the "dirty" solution @aurimas !
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