deleted items won't allow me to sync

i have deleted a bunch of references, removed them from unfiled items and also deleted them from trash. However, my sync is not working. It keeps asking me about merged objects and wants me to remedy the 5,000 articles I deleted. "Conflict resolution: the following items (1 of 4,659) has been changed in multiple locations. Choose the version you would like to keep and then click Next>."

I don't want any of them can this be remedied ?
  • If you make many changes without being fully in sync, you'll get conflicts. If you're still seeing this, your best bet may be to use either Restore to Zotero Server or Zotero from Zotero Server, depending on which location has the most up-to-date (or hardest-to-replicate) data, from the Sync->Reset pane of the Zotero preferences.
  • I'm working on the standalone software, I have thousands of newly changed files. What option will ensure that I don't loose my work?
  • i'm thinking the erase all server data and overwrite with local zotero data is the best option to pick.
  • So I went ahead clicked erase all server data and overwrite with local zotero data, then click the sync button and go a:

    Zotero Error Report

    Report ID 984093041
  • *got a Zotero error report
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    Restart Zotero and try the reset (in the same direction!) again.
  • Well, though wait, because it looks like your sync did actually go through. Are you still having trouble?
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