Removing Capitalizations

Is there a way of removing capitalization/titles in all CAPS?
  • You can right click on a title and select transform to Sentence Case (we recommend sentence case, since that will work with all citation styles; you will need to uppercase proper names manually if there are any).
  • Also, if you know where you imported the item from, we may be able to fix this on import, so if you have a URL, that would help.
  • You can convert the contents of the title and publisher fields to either lower or title case by right-clicking the field and using the Transform Text menu
  • I'll be importing them again from EndnoteX6, they were originally imported from Factiva. If there is a way of fixing CAPS in endnote before I import them back into that Zotero that would be amazing.
  • you'd have to ask them about that.
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