purge snapshots

Does there exist a way to "purge" all snapshots at once from my library?
  • you can probably do an advanced search for attachment type is webpage or so and then delete all search results (select all --> delete).
  • Not really, but you can create a saved search with "Attachment File Type" "is" "Web Page" and "Title" "contains" "Snapshot". This should find most Snapshots in your library (some don't contain the word "Snapshot"), which you can then select using Ctrl/Cmd + A and delete.
  • (right, my method would also find attached links, so if you don't want to delete those, include the additional search as per aurimas)
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    Unfortunately, I can't delete any of the returned results form within the advanced search function.
  • Click the "Save Search" button, then delete the results from the Saved Search.
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    Thanks, all. Got it!
  • @aurimas Are you sure this will delete JUST the snapshot and not the reference that contains the snapshot?
  • Generally I'd recommend caution following advice from 5-year old threads (and aurimas is no longer active here), but in this case this is still valid. You will actually see that select all only selects that snapshots, not the parent items.
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