Is it possible to export a Zotero note to RTF format?


I intend to analyse several Zotero in-built notes (many created through Zotfile extract annotations) in an external software which works with RTF format.

Is it possible to export a Zotero note to RTF text format automatically (without the need to copy the content note by note, paste into Word, save as RTF manually)?


  • sorry, no. Only Zotero's citation engine exports RTF, and that doesn't grab the full content of notes.
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    Thanks for answer.

    a) Zotero's citation engine exporting RTF and grabbing the full content of notes. Does it sound something to be handled as a feature request?

    b) Besides RTF format, is there any workaround to export zotero's notes in any other text format?
  • a) not in a simple form, no. I do think a better way to use note content in citations might happen, but not anytime soon.

    b) Select just the notes, right-click-->Generate Report from Selected Items
    In Firefox you can then save this as html and open in Word/LibreOffice (which can then save it as RTF). Be aware that saving reports in Standalone is currently broken, so you'll need to copy&paste.
  • I'd like to second this feature request. I'm interested in exporting only my notes, preferably as individual text files (RTF would do).
  • For exporting only your notes, see my option b) above. Not going to be individual files, though, and that's not something Zotero would implement or something that could be done with an easy workaround.
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    Perhaps not RTF directly, but I think it should be possible to install report customizer (, deselect everything but notes, run a report, save it, and then open that using Word/LibreOffice. If still required at that point, either will save to RTF.
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