Deleting collections and their items


I have got a question.

If I delete collection A and its items, but some items from this collection are included in another collection B, will these items be deleted from both collections, or they will be deleted from collection A only and remain in collection B?
  • They will be deleted from both collections. If you want to delete the collection and _only_ items that are not in any other collections, open the collection you want to delete, tag all items with some tag (e.g. "temp"; you can do this by creating a "temp" tag on one of the items, then drag all items to the tag in the tag selection pane), delete just the collection (without deleting the items), go to Unfiled special collection and delete all the items tagged with "temp". You can then delete the "Temp" tag. It's a bit roundabout, but it should work.
  • Thanks a lot, aurimas!
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