Duplicates in web interface, but not in local library despite successful sync


I am about to switch from Mendeley to Zotero - first of all, thanks for providing the world with this amazing open-source tool!

That being said, I have a little problem. I did import the Mendeley library via Bibtex and at some point I noticed that some references were missing because the were still marked as "under review" in Mendeley. So, I deleted the references in my local Zotero client (Mac standalone version) and imported the Mendeley database again (~1000 references, some with pdfs).
Syncing went smoothly (good job with the great upload speed!) and locally everything looked fine.

Then, however, I looked into the Zotero web interface and, online, essentially all references were duplicated (~2000 entries). At the same time, I can successfully sync from my Mac client and do not get any of the duplicates locally.

Is this expected behavior?
Since the syncs of the duplicates occurred at different times, I could sort by date and go through the online library, deleting the duplicates. But this will take some time.. and the problem should not occur in the first place, right?

  • Ok, so I guess a "Restore to Zotero Server" would be a convenient solution to my problem.
    Still I am puzzled as to how it is possible that my local and online library have different contents after a successful sync.
  • No reason that should happen if syncs are really going through. It looks like you did a reset, though, so I'm not able to look at it now. "Restore to Zotero Server" should almost never be necessary or used, for what that's worth.
  • Dear Dan,

    thanks for your comment. I am quite sure the syncs were going through (as reported by the local client via mouse-over over the green arrow) . Also, there was actually never a time when I locally had ~2000 items, so I would guess there has been some rare glitch in the sync process.

    I now indeed went for the restore because I was worried that at some point I might get these duplicates back into my local database.

    Anyhow, good to know that this is not a frequent problem. If it ever happens again, I will let you know.
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