Syncing a group - not working correctly?

I am using the group feature of zotero to maintain a group library. But I can't get the library to show the same content on the zotero-website and locally. I deleted my collection and recreated it. After syncing Zotero the group library on the website only shows 15 items, whereas the local version of the collection has about 80 items.
For syncing my files I am using an external WEBDAV-provider. Is this maybe the reason for the problem? Or is there a time-lag?
  • note that files in groups won't sync via webDAV.

    But at what level of items are you looking in Zotero locally? Is this all items, attachments, and notes, or just top-level item? The latter should be the same number as items in the group online.
  • There are 74 top-level-items in a folder which is located in my local group folder. That same folder only shows 16 items in the web-view of the group-library.I have synced my zotero-library several times.
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    (I mean, I assume you know everything explained there, but it would be extremely unusual for this not to be working, and it looks like you haven't synced any new data in a few days, though you've synced since your original post above.)
  • What happens if you add a new item to that collection and sync again?
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