Can't connect Zotero to internet; can't sync/link an internet file to Zotero

Sorry but I don't know if I should call this syncing or linking, or simply say that I can't connect Zotero to the internet.

This only occurs when the icon next to the address bar is a Z inside a grey circle, unhighlighted. Sometimes there is a diagonal line running through the icon, sometimes there isn't. Either way, nothing happens when I click the icon. Seems like it could mean that Zotero is closed, but no, it's open.

Yet when another icon appears, I can link/sync/connect just fine. The other icon is a wide, veritical rectangle, with some boxes in it, and a little stand at the bottom. Reminds me of a gas pump at a gas station (American English).

PDFs always get this icon, but it didn't used to be this way. Seems like I might have downloaded or deleted a program or an add-on of some sort. I downloaded Windows for Mac recently. For a while that was working okay, but not anymore. Could the root of the problem be the same?

What's happening?

I have a MacBook Air, mid-2013 model, with OS X 10.10.2. Don't know if this matters or not.

Thanks much
  • the icon you're seeing is on Safari only and that's always been the case for pages not supported by Zotero, which includes all PDFs (you can frequently import the pages linking to the PDF, though).

    You can also drag the URL from Safari to Zotero to import the PDF.
  • :)) Thanks many tons. (One ton isn't enough :)) Got it. :))
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