Missing buttons / misdirecting warning message text


This is a minor issue. When inserting a new reference, zotero will check all the references in the document and if it finds that I have deleted one of them from the library, it will throw a warning message. This message says that the highlighted reference no longer exist and asks me if I want to substitute it. However, I there is no button to click in order to substitute the reference, and there is not any "No" button as referred to in the text either.

After clicking "Ok" I get an error message saying that Zotero experienced an error updating my document. It's not difficult to work around this, I just change the reference manually afterwards, but the warning and error message dialogues are a bit confusing as they are currently implemented.

This is on Ubuntu 14.04 and Libreoffice and let me know if there are problems with the links, I just used a random image hosting site I found.
  • I can confirm this (on Ubuntu 14.10 with Zotero
    Steps to reproduce:
    1. In an empty document, insert any reference and turn of "Store References in Document"
    2. Move that reference to the trash in Zotero
    3. click "Refresh" in the LibreOffice Zotero add-on.

    The "OK" button that gets displayed appears to behave like "No"
  • :-/ Following adamsmith's steps in Word 2010 on Windows 7 actually freezes both Zotero and Word if you click Refresh _twice_ (nothing happens after first click).
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