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Some of us stuck with IE have no way of triggering import via the bookmarklet as - says there is no IE browser support.

Would there be a fix?


  • The problem isn't that pubmed isn't marked as IE compatible--it is (it's the i in the gcsibv (gecko/chrome/safari/IE/bookmarklet/server) string. It's just not working. No obvious reason why, unfortunately.

    Workarounds I can offer:
    for individual items, just paste the pubmed ID into the add by identifier (Magic Wand) button of Zotero.
    For many items, use pubmed's XML export (click on Summary in the search view or Abstract in the item view) and import that or use the PMID list it offers.
  • Thanks for the workaround.

    The problem set is a perhaps common one in closed-source institutions. There's no magic wand because there's no local Zotero (and there's only Microsoft). Using the bookmarklet would provide a way to get in-hospital searches into our workgroup's online Zotero; at home, on our private PCs we then sync with the online world. We do so now on Google Scholar -> that works this way.

    You're right: the setting is now "gcsibv", it was "gcsbv" when I last looked -> had an email exchange with aurimasv on this before, perhaps he's added it - unfortunately without it then becoming functional...

  • I'm looking into this. We did add IE support for PubMed some time ago and it was working then. I have no additional info right now though.
  • Actually, looks like it wasn't working then either
  • Thanks for your effort!
  • Clearly an off topic - but any hope for progress here?
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