Figures/Tables from attachments

Some of the closed-source software allow you to directly attach extracted figures/tables (i.e. copy/paste) from the an attached PDF under the respective citation. We can do the same in Zotero - but have to go by a detour, first copying the figure/table from the PDF, saving it to a file and then attaching the image as a file. Interestingly there is a way to copy/paste into Zotero -> open a note and paste. Unfortunately that doesn't lead to an attachment but rather adds code to the note (e.g. <img src=" ...), though the image renders fine -> its just not possible to use that image thereafter, no way to copy it back out of the note and into a presentation...
So this is more of a query than a feature request (though it would be cool to just highlight a citation and press ctrl-v and have the image processed as an attachment for that cite): Probably a TinyMCE thing -> how do I get the image back into use?
  • you can't. In fact you shouldn't use images in notes right now since they also break syncing. We don't, as of now, have a solution for this, sorry.
  • There probably is another reason for not doing so -> would bloat the database.
    Thank's for the comment - so I'll move the "copy/paste image as attachment" to the feature request section ;)
  • no need for a feature request, there are two open issues on this:
    (note that github issues are for developer use, so any discussion should stay on the forums)
  • One can trick the Swiss army knife -> i.e. ZotFile - into doing the above. ZotFile Preferences -> Advanced Settings -> Other Advanced Settings -> Only work with following filetypes: add your image ending, e.g. *.png.
    Using Greenshot as my screen clipper, I change its default storage location to the ZotFile watched folder.
    Not a one-fits-all solution, but better than code jibberish!
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