Language sensitive citation based on document language

The German DGP style recommends the usage of English terminology for the citation and referencing of English texts (cf. 14.12 Fremdsprachige Publikationen zit. in Deutsche Gesellschaft für Psychologie, 2007, S. 91-92).

Full reference:
Deutsche Gesellschaft für Psychologie. (2007). Richtlinien zur Manuskriptgestaltung (3. Auflage). Göttingen: Hogrefe.

For example:

Abkürzungen Englischsprachiger Werke 
ed. (edition); 2nd ed. (second edition); Ed. (Editor); Eds. (Editors), p. (Page), pp. (pages), Vol. (Volume); Vols. (Volumes). 

Would it be possible to substitute the APA field descriptors within the DGP style when the language field in the entry is set to English?
  • MLZ Zotero can do that, regular Zotero can't and won't before we update CSL. My guess would be we'll put it in the next major CSL version, but I have not ETA for that.
  • Thank you for the update. I'm not sure I'll invest the effort to migrate to MLZ Zotero for this issue at the moment.
  • well, this will actually _work_ in regular Zotero if you customize the style accordingly. It's just not "legal" CSL, so we won't have (or accept) any styles that do this into the repository.
    But to give you a sense, here is a multilingual style that I customized for someone a year ago:
    essentially you need multiple layout elements for both the citation and the (in this case non-existent) bibliography section.
  • If all that's needed is to swap in other-language term names, CSL-m (the schema used in MLZ styles) has a locale conditional that can be used for that (I see that it's not covered by the CSL-m schema description [oops], but there is an example under the link above). It's also non-standard CSL, but it can be added to the underlying style with less effort.
  • so how does this work in csl-m? When I test for a locale (that is of an item, right?) terms will automatically rendered in the item's language? Otherwise they'll fall back to the default language of the client?
  • Yes, it's a test of the item locale. It works like any other conditional:
    <if is-numeric="edition" locale="ja zh kr" match="all">
    <text value="第"/>
    <number variable="edition"/>
    <text value="版"/>
    <else-if is-numeric="edition">
    <group delimiter=" ">
    <number variable="edition" form="ordinal"/>
    <text term="edition" form="short"/>
    <number variable="edition" text-case="capitalize-first" suffix="."/>
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