Idea for iOS integration

Right now when I'm on an iOS device, I store things on zotero using a bookmarklet in Safari:


I'm wondering what it would take to be able to have a similar kind of option as I do with Pocket, which is integrated with various things, including it would seem iOS itself. It appears for me as an option in the little "share" icon, as also does Evernote. I assume that somehow the app for those services offers itself as such an option. I'd be happy with the simple functionality of the bookmarklet.
  • doesn't papership integrate the bookmarklet?
  • Not sure what you mean by this.

    What I want to do is click on the share button when reading in, say, Safari, and have zotero be an option, like Pocket is.
  • right, but doing this would require an app (which I'm pretty sure is the only way to show up in the share menu). Since there is no app from Zotero proper, the way this would likely happen would be through one of the existing Zotero apps for iOS.
    Papership already uses the bookmarklet, though for a built-in search&import function, but expanding this wouldn't seem like a big stretch:
  • Yes, I figured it would need an app too, which is why I was just throwing it out there. It doesn't seem like it would need to be a big app if it just took the request and did what the bookmarklet does.

    I'll leave some feedback with Papership.
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