Reconcilliation Error: What causes them?

I am a partially paralyzed in my use of Zotero Sync (Trunk XPI version) on two computers because I don't completely understand SPECIFICALLY what types of changes to records and collections on one side or the other will result in a reconcilliation error.

Can anyone list changes that would result in a reconcilliation error (if made on one side and not the other).

A corollary, can anyone list steps to minimize Reconcilliation errors.
For me, I have become quite facile at backing up my whole Zotero file frequently on both computers. I do this manually and then rename the sequential backups. I am also using the Windows (XP) Backup utility to backup this folder automatically every day.

I have also become facile at delete the Zotero folder and sucking in the references from the side where they are pristine, without errors and the way I want them. I have used this strategy to re-organize my folders as desired and then push the changes out to the other side (after deleting Zotero folder on that side). Re-org'ing the folders on one side, followed by Sync'ing would give an Reconcilliation error on one side or the other I believe.

Backing up and replacing Zotero folder as needed is a strategy that lets me use the program (which I MUST HAVE because of how useful it is), but this is a bit tedious to say the least. For several weeks I was dead in the water before I figured out these work flows. If I understood what difference cause the errors, I might even be further along. (Obviously, I look forward to the day when Zotero can reconcile these currently Unreconcillable differences).
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    Basically, if you make sure that both sides are in sync before you begin work on one side, you shouldn't get conflicts. (There may be exceptions to this, but those are bugs. One particularly easy-to-generate bug of this sort involving collection deletes was fixed in 3.4.) Zotero syncs automatically when you first open the Zotero pane after starting Firefox and a few seconds after you make any changes, but otherwise it doesn't currently sync automatically, so if you leave Firefox open on both you'll probably want to hit the sync button before you begin work on one side.
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