modify and save pdf in zotero library

Is it possible to modify a pdf (say underline, takes notes on, etc.) and save it back in the zotero library? I can open a zotero pdf in Adobe Professional and make changes, but cannot save it back in the library (I can save it elsewhere as a new file). My problem is probably compounded by using a Mac Intel 10.5 which does not have a good plugin for pdfs for firefox (The plugin from google works good for viewing, but has no capability for modifying pdfs).

I don't think taking notes on a separate sheet can replace taking notes on the pdf, highlighting parts, etc. It would be great to be able to do both.

  • Why can't you save it back in the library? The file is just stored in your zotero storage folder & you should be able to over write it....
  • Sorry for the false alarm.

    For some reason I could not modify pdfs in my zotero library this morning. It is all good and well now. I am using 1.5a by the way.
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