Standalone: Any zotero secondary window is out of screen

A small bug: on Windows 7 with Standalone, when Zotero has to open another window to perform an action [1], the position of the secondary window exceeds the size of the screen. You can only (you must actually) resize it with the usual keyboard shortcuts (win+arrow).

It would be nice to be able to Maximize, Minimize, and Restore these windows.

A related issue is that you can't have more than one of these windows open at a time, e.g. it is not possible to open CSL Preview and CSL Editor together, or a Timeline (though I'm not sure this is widely used) and a report, etc.

Is it a Zotero or xulrunner issue ?

[1] Those windows are: Create a Timeline, Add-ons, Generate Report from Item, about:config, CSL Preview, CSL editor, about:memory.
  • FWIW, I can't reproduce the sizing issue on Windows 7, but my screen resolution is quite a bit higher (1920x1080).
  • I have the same problem, my resolution is 1366*768
  • I'm experiencing a similar issue running at 1600x900: The Windows Key + L or Windows + R snaps take up more than half the screen, overlapping instead of being nicely divided. I have confirmed it's just Zotero Standalone. Office and Firefox do not have the problem.

    Also, it does not happen on my monitor which is running at 1920x1080, so something specific to smaller windows, it would seem!
  • Annoying… it's strange because the width and height are not specified explicitly ; the size should be adjusted to the screen.
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    Gracile: The size for that is specified in basicViewer.xul, but it also runs sizeToContent() on load.
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    ok, thanks. I'm not sure to understand why both are needed [a fixed size and sizeToContent()]. Removing sizeToContent seems to solve my problem but I'm not sure of the potential side effect(s).

    Why the basic viewer isn't maximized? Is it a choice, a limitation? (these questions might not be relevant here, I'll open an issue on github if you think it's necessary)
  • Unable to find the Zotero Icon in my computer
  • @kenekoa start a new thread please ("Start a New Discussion" at the top left) and provide a lot more detail -- what have you installed, where are you looking etc.
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