New style for British Ecological Society Journals

I have created a new style for the Journals of BES:
Journal of Ecology
Functional Ecology
Journal of Animal Ecology
Journal of Applied Ecology

Please give feedback. The style can be found at

and author guidelines at
  • Thank you for working on this. I was unable to download the Oecologia style (I got this error: does not appear to be a valid CSL file). Also, I do not see these other styles you have listed on the styles page.
  • I made some changes to the oecologia style but only on my local copy. I don't know how to upload the changes

    All the journals I listed share the same style. They are journals of the British Ecological Society
  • Okay, but are any of those styles actually posted on the styles page? The only one I see is the Oecologia one, and like I said, it won't install.
  • @amber: This is a known issue in the current sync preview. Save the style file with a ".csl" extension & drag it into Firefox. Here is the one style to use for all BES journals:

    @asplundj: you can upload changes the same way you uploaded new files: 'svn commit' them. You can also create dependent styles for the journals you listed, so that amber & others can locate the style files more easily.
  • Thank you, noksagt, I was able to install the BES journal style. And thanks again to asplundj for contributing styles for ecology.
  • I was able to successfully install the Oecologia file as well.
  • I uploaded a new version of Oecologia now. Please use that one instead. Remeber if you've already started using a style in a word-document you have to choose a different style and then turn back to the one you want in order to use the updated version
  • @noksagt: I tried to make dependent styles but I don't think it worked
  • Hm apparently, it is still the old version of the oecologia style. I deteled that one and uploaded it again. I still don't get it how I can make changes to uploaded styles
  • asplundj: The build scripts just weren't working. Check the styles page now.

    Also, don't delete a style just to update it—doing so prevents a proper diff, interrupts the file history, and takes up more space in the repository. Just update the file, use 'svn st' and 'svn diff' to review changes, and, if everything looks good, commit it.

    Finally, the URI needs to be all lowercase. I fixed this once before ('Oecologia' -> 'oecologia'), and I've now done so again. Before making additional changes, you would need to do an 'svn update' in your working copy to get the latest version.

    Thanks for your work on the styles.
  • edited November 13, 2008
    thank you for the information. I tried to upload it without removing it but I got the response that it already existed.

    I am sorry for the upper case thing. I will keep that in mind. I will probably make a lot of mistakes but I am a beginner and just want to spread the styles that I make for myself
  • A useful style but document type webpage is missing:

    "Citations from the World Wide Web are allowed only when alternative hard literature sources do not exist for the cited information. Authors are asked to ensure that:
    fully authenticated addresses are included in the reference list, along with titles, years and authors of the sources being cited"
  • Moreover, the bookchapter style is corrupt. It should be:

    McArthur, W.M. (1993) History of landscape development. Reintegrating Fragmented Landscapes (eds R.J. Hobbs & D.A.Saunders), pp. 10-22. Springer Verlag, Berlin.
  • thanks for reporting this - maybe asplundj can fix this, otherwise I'll do this at some point, but I've got a couple of things ahead of it.
  • OK, committed.
  • There was a small error in the style.
    For the title, the first letter of each word was in capital case (text-case=title). However it is necessary only for books. The titles of articles should not be with capital letters.

    I have uploaded a corrected version of the style here:

    thanks for the upload.
  • thanks - I also labeled the style as citation-format="author-date".
  • Hello,

    I'm trying to create a manuscript for the Journal of Applied Ecology and when reading the style guidelines as linked above I noticed a discrepancy between the style guidelines of the link (to Functional Ecology) and the style guidelines of the Journal of Applied Ecology, specifically in reference to the way each journal requires citations of 3 authors.

    Functional Ecology requires reference all authors the first time, and then use et al. in subsequent citations

    Journal of Applied Ecology requires reference of 1, 2, and 3 authors to always use all author names.

    I was wondering if it were possible to request an update to the style code of the Journal of Applied Ecology to reflect this distinction?

    Thanks in advance.
  • I'll have a look, thanks for reporting.
  • pff, what an unnecessary complication, but in any case the independent journal of applied ecology with different et al rules is now up.
  • Many thanks for creating the Journal of Applied Ecology style. For some reason I get the comment that "the current style does not define a bibliography" when I want to create the final reference list. Any idea what could be wrong?
  • try re-installing the style from the repository. Also, try switching to a different style and back. If that doesn't help come back here.
  • Great, thanks, now it works!
  • Many thanks for the Journal of Ecology style.

    I have one request: would it be possible to make the "et al." appear in italics when a reference with more than three authors is cited within the text? Right now "et al." appears in normal font, but the Journal specifically asks for italics.

    I have one paper accepted there and the editor is making me change manually every "et al." in the text to italics.

    Many thanks,

  • et al is in italics in the style - make sure you have the most recent copy from the repository.
    If that doesn't work - what version of Zotero and the word plugin are you using?
  • Thanks Adam. I am using the most recent version from the repository, but I still get "et al." in standard font, not italics.

    I am using Zotero 2.1.10 and Word plugin 3.1.4.

    I have also tried with OpenOffice plugin 3.5b2, and still get no italics.

    Many thanks for your help,

  • try installing
    British Ecological Society Journals
    from the repository and see if you still get the same problem (the styles are identical).
    If that doesn't work, see how citations look in the test pane
    chrome://zotero/content/tools/csledit.xul (copy and paste into the URL bar like a web address). Only the British Ecological Society Style will show up.
  • Ah, thanks, that's the problem. I was using the style "Journal of Ecology", and not the style "British Ecological Society Journals".

    It's a bit confusing because there are individual styles for these journals:

    Journal of Ecology
    Functional Ecology
    Journal of Animal Ecology
    Journal of Applied Ecology

    as well as a separate style for all of these journals, i.e. "British Ecological Society Journals".

    If "British Ecological Society Journals" is the best/most up to date one, then what's the best strategy? When looking for the "Journal of Ecology" style, people will most likely go for "Journal of Ecology", and not "British Ecological Society Journals"...

    Many thanks,

  • Journal of Ecology, Functional Ecology, and Journal of Animal Ecology all are just links to the BESJ style.
    Which one a user installs doesn't matter, internally they're all the same.

    For some reason that didn't work in your case (likely something in your style directory got corrupted), but that's the way it usually (and quite reliably) works.
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