Multilingual citations

One of the main problems I have with Zotero is that (like all other reference software I'm aware of) it doesn't seem to be able to automatically process multiple language versions of one single citation.

An example: I have many entries of Chinese works. I want to enter all relevant data (or at least the author, title, publisher, place) in Chinese characters. Example:
齊莉莎。2000。魯凱語參考語法 (台灣南島語言 8)。台北: 遠流。
For many Western publications, I also want to be able to put in my bibliography the Chinese character version, but also an English translation. An example:
Zeitoun, Elizabeth (齊莉莎). 2000. 魯凱語參考語法 (台灣南島語言 8). 台北: 遠流。[Transl: A Rukai Reference Grammar (Austronesian Languages of Taiwan 8). Taipei: YLib.]
In other cases, it might be useful to have a transcription into Hanyu Pinyin:
Qi Li-sha. 2000. Ru-kai-yu Can-kao Yu-fa. Taipei: Yuan-liu.
Obviously, you'd like to have all this information in the same entry, but that doesn't seem to be possible at the moment.
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