The Safari plugin is awesome, but I wish it worked all the time...

Hi guys

Great work on Zotero! I'm working on a Masters, and I tried out all the different citation software – Zotero came out on top. The Safari plugin put it above the competition.

I just wish it worked on all websites. Are there plans to increase its compatibility with various websites?


    If there are pages with structured metadata where you would expect the icon to show up, provide some example URLs. Otherwise, see the linked page for how to save any web page.
  • Thanks – I didn't realise I could still save a webpage if the icon wasn't showing up.

    Most academic sites I go to like google scholar do show up, but government websites (e.g.’s-2050-emissions-target-summary-submissions) don't always. But that's OK, I'll just use the save feature.
  • yeah, unfortunately, where agencies don't put much information in the site header, there's very little we can do.
    (You can try contacting your(?) ministry's web admin and point them here: -- much of that applies to many other tools, to, not just Zotero. Chances are small, but you never know).
  • The site is written in Drupal, which incidentally has strong metadata support and can be made to do a great job providing metadata for Zotero to use. So maybe, just maybe, the ministry will go ahead and make your day.
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