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After "repairing" firefox, I had to reinstall the zotero add-on. I found my library intact, apart from unavailability of all attached PDFs which were previously indicated by full circles and opened on double clicking the zotero entry. Now, open circles rather then full ones are displayed, and I get an error message (file not found - may have been moved or deleted) on double clicking. The PDFs are stored on my local computer, both as I saved them to the folder 'D:\Literatur' and as automatically stored by zotero in 'D:\Literatur\Zotero\storage'; the latter containing subfolders such as 'U6556JFT' which seem to represent one attachment each.
I had previously specified my storage folder in 'advanced settings - files and folders', but get error messages when I try to reinstall it (the folder you selected is not empty and doesn't seem to be a zotero data folder - put zotero data there anyway?), and now have 2 questions:
1. How do I define my local storage properly?
2. Do I have to reattach all (859) PDFs, or can I use some syncing feature?
Many thanks in advance for any help!
  • it sounds like you're simply selecting the wrong folder. You want to be selecting the folder "Zotero" not the folder "storage" -- the zotero data folder contains the Zotero database as well as the storage folder.
  • thanks, but sorry, I did try that, too, and got the message 'you should move your data from your zotero data folder to the new place, and then restart firefox' - I am not sure what to do ...
  • So currently what is the content of Literatur\Zotero?
    is there a file called zotero.sqlite in there?
  • yes, and a couple of automatic backups, along with the folders locate, storage, styles, translators and one for my own zotero.sqlite backups (I failed to create one before repairing firefox - would that have helped?)
  • I can really only repeat that if you actually select that folder and restart Zotero/Firefox (whichever you're using) that will restore both your database and all links to file attachments.
  • yes, it did indeed - many thanks! Sorry to have stubbornly bothered you ...
    Grateful greetings!
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