Style Request: Strategic Organization


I would like to request a style be made up for Strategic Organization. Thanks very much. I am, of course, happy to answer any questions about the style. I am including here the information I believe is requested.

Strategic Organization (

Campbell, J. L. and Pedersen, O. K. (2007) ‘The Varieties of Capitalism and Hybrid Success’, Comparative Political Studies, 40 (3): 307–332.

Mares, I. (2001) ‘Firms and the Welfare State: When, Why, and How Does Social Policy Matter to Employers?’, in P. A. Hall and D. Soskice (eds) Varieties of Capitalism: The Institutional Foundations of Comparative Advantage, pp. 184–213. New York: Oxford University Press.

Book and journal titles should be in italics.

Print ISSN: 1476-1270
Online ISSN: 1741-315X

Online style guide for journal:

Link to recent published article online:

Thanks very much!
  • There's a bit of a backlog, but "Organization" looks promising if you want something to use in the meantime.
  • Thanks very much. I really appreciate it.
    I'll check out Organization, in the meantime, as you say.

  • Thanks for your suggestion, @adamsmith. This is just another encouragement for you to introduce the SO style.
  • Hello, this is another request for the style Strategic Organization, please!
    ...hoping this might make it's way up the backlog, Steph
  • Strategic Organization uses Sage Harvard, which is available as a Zotero style already. Russ Coff replied to my Twitter query the other day:
  • Super. Thanks so much for your reply! Very kind of you to pass this along.
  • I'll note that the description of the two styles are not the same -- so if SO indeed uses Sage Harvard, they should update their instructions for authors. (E.g. SO says to put single quotes around the titles of journal articles, Sage Harvard doesn't)
  • I'm checking with the editorial office for SO and will post a response when I hear back.
  • Well, Russ Coff is one of the SO editors... Who should know better than them ;-) ?
  • sure, but why would they have contradictory information on their webpage?
  • valid point.
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