Nature site translator

Thanks for an excellent tool. I'm enjoying using it.

One thing I've noticed though is that if I import an entry directly from the Nature site the "publication" field doesn't seem to be populated (and therefore, BibTeX doesn't get the "journal" field). If I do the same from Pubmed it works fine.

As an example:

Hanash, Sam. 2003. Disease proteomics. 422, no. 6928 (March 13): 226-232.

Pubmed link:

Nature link:

  • Thanks for bringing this issue to our attention. The problem is that Nature's RIS file only includes the journal abbreviation tag (JA) and not the full journal title (note that your example does populate the "Journal Abbr" field in Zotero). I will adjust our RIS importer to substitute the abbreviated title if the full title is missing.
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