Word macro for bibliography linking

I'm writing my PhD manuscript and I'm struggling with linking references in text with bibliographic list at the end of the manuscript. I have found the Visiual Basics Macro which is doing this but only for IEEE style
I have imposted bibliographic style by my university it is as follows:
in text [first-author-family-name, year-of-publication] and in bibliographic list it is basically the same style as IEEE but replacing the numeric designator by designator with first author family name and year of publication.
Citation example:
In text : [Minnich, 2009]

Bibligraphic list: [Minnich, 2009] A.J. Minnich, M.S. Dresselhaus, Z.F. Ren and G. Chen “Bulk nanostructured thermoelectric materials: current research and future prospects” , Energy Environ. Sci., vol. 2, no. 5, pp. 466–479, Feb. 2009.

Please help me to create this macro in VSB in such a way to have reference linking with text and bibliographic list at the end of my manuscript.

If needed I can provide .csl file for this PhD style.
Thank You very much for any help
  • you can try posting in that thread, but according to the description by the author, the script should work for author-year styles as well.
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