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I have two issues that I'm currently expiriencing with Zotero Connector and the site.

I'm using Chrome v40.0.2214.93, Zotero Connector extension v4.0.21 and Zotero for Linux v4.0.23.

The issues:

1- Zotero Connector icon fails to show in article:

2- The Connector icon appears but fails to download PDF attachment:

Edit: scratch the 2nd issue. Apparently the PDF isn't available in the article.

Can anyone else reproduce this behaviour?

  • You're seeing #7 here

    I don't think we'll be developing proper ResearchGate integration until they provide better ways to retrieve metadata.
  • Bummer. Thanks for the reply aurimas.
  • Different problem with ResearchGate. Authors come in as first name - last name combination, rather than parsed as pieces. Result is that they appear in wrong place in alphabetic list under Creator. For example,

    U Ayala, U.I. (2015). Fully automatic rhythm analysis during chest compression pauses. Resuscitation 89.

    which appears between Tyrrell et al and Udassi et al in alphabetic list by Creator.

    should be:

    Ayala U, Irusta U (2015) Fully automatic ...

    After I correct it, this falls between Ayala et al and Ayanian, where it should be.
  • same issue at the roots though -- we don't have a ResearchGate translator. You're just getting what they put in their COinS, nothing we can do about that. Ideally, they'd just improve their metadata, at which point we could also consider a proper translator.
  • Some time in the last couple of weeks, ResearchGate updated something - the UI looks different, but I'm sure there's differences under the hood. And it seems the Zotero icon for Connector doesn't seem to appear in the Chrome omnibar any more. I'm using 4.0.26 on the current stable Chrome on OSX Yosemite. The only thing that's changed in this time appears to be at ResearchGate.
  • URL? The sample URLs above still work for me (albeit in the limited fashion described).
  • Ok; I stand corrected. I don't know what happened, but for a good couple of hours, Connector was highly dysfunctional.
    Then I had lunch.
    Then everything started working again. No browser restart, no nothing. It just worked.

  • no one here's going to complain about issues that go away by themselves. . .
  • I came here because I had problems too, but actually it was probably a coincidence that it was researchgate that I went to, as the first site using the new firefox update, the place to pick up the document to drop to zotero has now moved across next to the Z rather than in the search bar.
  • Researchgate translator not downloading pdf at new zotero 5.0, at previous version it download part of the file unless the file is small, now it's not downloading at all, only researchgate link created as attachment, nothing saved
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