apa.csl: formatting of "edition"

If the "edition" variable is non-numeric, a full stop is added (in the "else" part): <macro name="edition">
<if is-numeric="edition">
<group delimiter=" ">
<number variable="edition" form="ordinal"/>
<text term="edition" form="short"/>
<text variable="edition" suffix="."/>

I feel the "suffix" element inside the "else" part should be removed since it leads to output like
Foucault, M. (1990). The history of sexuality (Reprinted., Vol. 3). London: Penguin Books.
If I'm not mistaken, there is never a sentence (of sorts ...) to end inside the round brackets since the complete title ends with its own full stop (after the round brackets, if there are any [or square brackets, for that matter]).

My feeling is also that "vol." should rather appear in lower case if preceded by edition.

Finally, the fact that "Reprinted" appears before "Vol. 3" looks a bit odd too, but given that APA specifically asks to put edition in front of volume, there is probably not much one can do about it. Still: ideas?
  • agree on the period. I'll try to get to this soon-ish or be happy to accept a pull request (for all APA versions). A bit under the weather, so no guarantees how quickly I'd do that.

    You're mistaken on the "Vol." capitalization, check the generic example at the top of page 200 in the manual which has exactly this case.(xx ed., Vol. xx, pp. xxx-xxx)

    Don't have much on the last issue for you (I think (Reprinted, Vol. 3) is technically correct, so I won't change anything in the style), but just adding "Reprint of the 3rd Vol." into the edition field would do the trick, though it wouldn't be terribly flexible between citation styles.
  • Technically in APA you wouldn't include Reprinted at all, unless it is substantially different with different pagination. In that case, "(Reprinted, Vol. 3)" is correct if that is the label used by the book.

    Details here:
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