Problems with tags in attachments

I try to tag the attachments but it doesn't work. When I click on "Tags: [click here]" nothing happens. But when I click "Related" it works fine. Any idea why?
I work with Zotero 1.5-sync3.2, Firefox 3.0.3, Windows XP.
  • It looks like the add button interface is broken in the Sync Preview, and I'll create a ticket. You should still be able to tag an attachment by dragging the attachment to a tag in the tag selector.
  • The tag adding interface works fine for me unless I resize the browser window to be close to the bottom edge of the screen, in which case nothing appears using Firefox 3 in either 1.0.7 or the Sync Preview. Firefox 2 works fine. Is that the problem you're seeing?
  • It is, indeed, close to the bottom edge or the screen, but I can see it perfectly well. The fact is that, when I click, nothing appears.
    But you are right. I have just tried to minimize the window, and it works. It seems to me that the problem is, that when the window is in its largest size, the small white window that appears when I click, isn't just visible, because it's out of the screen. Would it be possible to make this window to go upwards, so as to see it??
    Again, many thanks.
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