[bug] ISI Web of Knowledge records are not saved, but refs citing them are

I use Web of Science/knowledge for most of my article research, and the connector ( does not save the record properly when using the "save to zotero" icon in Firefox (35.0).

Instead of saving the actual record, it saves all the publications that cited this record (listed in the right pannel on the website), sometimes resulting in a large series of unwanted publications in the library.

You can test this with this publication for example:

Effects of intercropping sugarcane and soybean on growth, rhizosphere soil microbes, nitrogen and phosphorus availability


It doesn't save the actual publication, but it does save the three publications that cited it.

  • run through these: https://www.zotero.org/support/troubleshooting_translator_issues Especially we'd be interested in what you see for step 7 and all the other information requested in step 11
  • Hi aurimas

    So I can already see the following in the Known Translator Issues page:

    "At the time of this writing, Zotero is not compatible with Firefox versions 35.0a and later"

    Is this still the case? Because I am using 35.0.1 and I assume most people get the stable updates Mozilla put out.

    The translator used is the right one, it says "ISI Web of Knowledge".
    I am using both Zotero standalone and the Firefox add-on at version

    Steps to reproduce:
    - go to https://www.isiknowledge.com or http://apps.webofknowledge.com
    - search for "Effects of intercropping sugarcane and soybean on growth, rhizosphere soil microbes, nitrogen and phosphorus availability"
    - select the only result
    - click the translator icon to save that record
    - see that in your library, instead of saving the record you were looking at, it saved the three papers that cited that particular record (you can see the list thanks to the link on the left of the record)

    Now, I just tested one last thing: I tried disactivating all other add-ons, and now the translator works fine!

    I will see if I can figure out which add-on exactly is the culprit. I'll keep you posted.
  • That was the case for Zotero 4.0.24. I updated our documentation to say that the current (4.0.25) version of Zotero is not compatible with Firefox 36.0a+

    Let us know if you narrow it down to some extension.
  • edited February 4, 2015
    OK I figured it out, it is not the add-ons. I reactivated all the add-ons one by one and the problem did not come back.

    However, I noticed that I was testing all that without using my university proxy. As soon as I logged into my library services, I was using Web of Knowledge through its proxy (the adress is http://apps.webofknowledge.com.ezproxy.library.uq.edu.au) and the problem came back.

    Is this a known issue? Is there any way around it?

    Here is an error report ID: 123605531

    I just noticed that the error reports says that I am using 4.0.23 even though I just upgraded today to 4.0.25 supposedly...
  • would likely not matter here, but you'd have to update two pieces of software -- Standalone and Zotero for Firefox. I don't believe there are known issues with WoS and proxies, but we can try to take a look.
  • Hi aurimas and adam

    I updated Standalone to, same version as the add-on now, and I can confirm that I have the exact same issue: without the proxy, the record is saved fine; when using the proxy however, the translator saves the three articles that cited the record.

    The translator used in both cases is the same.

    Is there anything else you would need from me to figure out where it is going wrong?

  • I can reproduce this. I think I see the problem. Will let you know if we find a solution. Thanks for reporting!
  • Brilliant, thank you for following up! Cheers :)
  • We'll fix this in an upcoming Zotero release, but in the mean time you can close Zotero Standalone and just use Zotero in Firefox, which should make this work.
  • Should be fixed in the latest 4.0 Beta. The fix will be included in 4.0.26.
  • 4.0.26 is now available
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