Multiple Chapters

I am nearing the end of my college writing and I have to write a Senior Research Project. This project will be six chapter long and I will submit one chapter at a time. When I submit a chapter I have to submit a "complete" bibliography for the entire project.

For instance when I submit chapter three the bibliography will include all references for three chapters. Is this possible with Zotero? I have only done single document projects so far and I am not sure how this works.
  • You'd just copy&paste:

    Keep writing in your single document (unless it's going to be too long: over 150 pages things will slow down). Then, when you submit chapter three, copy chapter three as well as the entire bibliography of your file to a new file and submit that. Done.
  • I had thought about that but I was not sure if Zotero would automatically update the bibliography in the new document or not.
  • Not right away, no. You'd probably want to hit "remove field codes" before sending it.
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