Integration of a Zotero (group) bibliography into an external website

I'm part of a project which includes a big bibliography, actually inserted into a website of its own.

We would like to use the features of Zotero to enrich our bibliography (which can be done by a simple group on Zotero), but we would also like the result to be visible on our webpage.
Is there a way to integrate the Zotero page of the group inside another website ?

Another solution would be (I suppose) to export to TEI and copy-paste, but we would like the bibliography on the site to reflect the one in progress in Zotero... if the first solution of an integration to an external website is not possible, does something like a TEI permanent autoexporter to a website exist, or is planned to exist ?

I'm not an informatician nor a developer at all, so I will welcome any other suggestion, of course !
  • There are some plugins for that as: , depending how you are creating your websites.

    If you have already a group, then you can click on the corresponding RSS feed, e.g. the feed for the Digital Humanities Group. You can try to integrate this feed in your website and layout. You can change the format on feeds a little (maybe not TEI, which is AFAIK also no webformat).
  • Thank you ! We'll try and see.
  • I have been meaning to create a list of websites including Zotero bibliographies to give people looking for such solutions some suggestions. Perhaps we can collect a few in this thread and eventually migrate it somewhere else for future reference.

    Two examples I know well:

    - The International Society of First World War Studies has a Zotero group bibliography here which is also accessible here When I first set that up we used zotpress because the Society website was a wordpress blog. We have since moved to a perch website which uses a php-script to tap into the Zotero API (we just need to solve the problem of Zotero collections with more than 150 items which are currently not showing up because of the call limit on the API)

    - The Encyclopedia 1914-1918 uses Zotero as the backend for its bibliography, both at the end of the articles and for the general view of the bibliography
  • @clio_13 : Good idea, it would be very useful. I hope in the next months we'll be able to add our site to the list...
  • I wrote a tool that will generate a nicely formatted bibliography in HTML with clickable links for BIB, RIS, PDF and abstract viewing. It is subdivided according to the collections defined in a Zotero database.

    It comes with an additional script that can update a page in a Wordpress installation directly.

    The readme lists a few example installations.
  • Thank you for the answer. I'll look and try.
  • Hi Julie,
    Were you successful in creating your web site integrated bibliography? I am interested in exploring all the good examples. /BR Jonas
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