no toolbar, Libre Office Ubuntu

I am using Libre Office Version: with ubuntu 14.04 LTS, Firefox with Zotero, Zotero LibreOffice integration 3.5.9 extension installed. When starting LibreOffice writer, there is no Zotero toolbar. When opening Zotero preferences (in Firefox), Cite, Word Processors, the mesage it shows is: The libreOffice/OpenOffice/NeoOffice add-in is not currently installed -- Install.. But reinstalling extensions doesn't change any of this. Any suggestions?
  • Also, JRE 1.7.0_65 installed.
  • Under View-->Toolbars: Is Zotero listed? If so, is it checked?

    If it's not listed, try manually installing (there's an option in the 2nd screen of the toolbar (re-)install.
    The "is not installed" message is buggy--that shows for working LO add-ons, too.
  • You mean in LibreOffice? No it's not listed. Can you be more specific please where is this second screen to reinstall, thanks
  • after you click on "Install LibreOffice/.... Add-on" you get a pop-up asking you if you want to install it. Click Next and you'll get to the 2nd screen. At the bottom of that it says "Manual Installation"
  • yes it appeared after I installed extension manually in LibreOfiice, thanks! perhaps it is worthwhile adding description of this option to installation manual?
  • This is very rarely needed on LibreOffice, which is why we don't have it as an option in the troubleshooting. I'd rather not send too many people down that path if it's not going to be needed. (In Word, where this is a more common problem, we do list it as part of the troubleshooting instructions).
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