MLZ: Spell checking in notes marks every word with red squiggle underline

This pertains to MLZ 4.0.21m486 in Firefox 35.0 from Ubuntu.

It did not used to do this. I think the last update brought it, but I´m not absolutely certain of that. When I type notes in MLZ, every word is marked mispelled. I´m fairly sure that the language settings are all set to en-us... anyway, I´ve not changed those settings; it was the update that brought the problem with it.

If this is not the right place to report this, please inform me so I can take responsibility to see to it that the bug is reported to the right people. Thanks.
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    This is the right place.

    I'm running 4.0.21m486 here in Firefox 35.0 (under Linux), and notes are showing normally, with underlines of misspelled words only.

    What is the operating system? If it's a general problem with one platform, we'll be seeing additional reports. Meanwhile, if you have other plugins installed, try disabling them and see if that has an effect. Sorry I can't be more help - but as far as I know, nothing has changed in MLZ that would affect the notes editor.
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